Khaki Leather Wrist watch band for mens, Leather Watch Straps 20mm, 21mm with silver metal stud and stainless steel 16mm buckle


Notes to all buyer: The color preference of stitching can be mentioned in the message after the payment is cleared.

Best Buy!! Real Genuine Leather Strap for Rolex watch that with 20mm strap lug width. Good Deal and Best Quality!

This is the latest model to our shop material and look the best with the metal pin on the strap. It just looks Rock!! Give you some raw feeling when you put the strap on with your watches.

It fit for all Rolex, IWC, Tudor, Omega watches with 20mm strap lug width.

Strap material is very durable and just looks vintage. Materials are directly imported from Italy and quality is guaranteed. It just looks too good and can't compare with other shop's strap that they are selling. End product is thick and feels good when you have it on hand, it just makes you want to wear it with you everyday.

All hand-made from a 30 year experience craftsman quality is guaranteed as well.

Below are the description of strap

Material: Real genuine leather that's from Italy.

Color: Vintage Khaki color in excellent vintage leather material.

Length: 127mm + 77mm

Thickness: 3mm (4mm is available upon request)

Strap metal part is included (e.g. strap watch pin, strap watch's buckle)

It also comes with Eternitizzz authenticate card, tag and packing.

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