Black leather watch Straps 20mm, Sterling Silver 925 Skull, Buckle Watch Band 24mm Wrist Watch Straps in Black Stitching, Men gift ideas


Need a replacement leather watch band? We offer variety of leather watch bands, all made by Hong Kong Artisan and ship worldwide.

Notes: The color of stitching can mentioned in the message after purchase.

Strap material is very durable and just looks vintage. Material are directly import from Italy and quality is guaranteed. It just looks too good and can't compare with other shop's strap that they are selling. End product is thick and feel good when you have it on hand, it just makes you want to wear it with you everyday.

This is our new style strap and because I got too many request from my customers that looking for the special Watch strap. That's why I've made this to fulfill my customers request. This strap is in pure black color import from Italy and the color just look excellent!!

The buckle is special too and hard to find in the Strap market. Of course you can choose the normal pre-v buckle and the price will lesser than the original list price.

If you don't like the pure black color stitching. Let me know and I can custom made you the stitching in different color. We got plenty of stitching color. I believe you name it and I'll have it.

All hand-made details are from a 30 year experience craftsman so the quality is guaranteed as well.

Below are the description of strap

Material: Italy genuine leather.

Sterling Silver Part: The Sterling Silver stud and the buckle are in silver 925.

Color: pure black

Length: 127mm + 77mm (Please let me know if you have a smaller waist)

Thickness: 3mm (4mm upon request)

Strap metal part is included (e.g. strap watch pin), strap watch's buckle)

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