Geunine Leather Watch Strap vintage dark brown in 24mm/22mm lug width with Sterling Silver 925 skull pin, Mens Wrist Watch band, Christmas Gift Idea


Notes to all buyer: The item only include strap, watch buckle is not included and the color preference of stitching can mentioned in the message after you become the payment is cleared.  

Best Buy!! Real Leather Strap that with 24mm/22mm (watch strap lug width/buckle width). Good Deal and Best Quality!

It fit for all Panerai watches or other luxury watches model with the size 44mm.

This is our shop newest strap using dark brown color leather strap and with standard that strap lug width using 24mm and buckle width 22mm. It also comes with bronze skull head that directly import from Japan. The style just looks rock!!! Sure that you can change it to silver skull color if you wish as we've got this two color of metal skull.

The stitching makes very well and detail. Picture tells it all and nothing to be complaint. It just can't compare with other handmade strap shops since our craftsman got more than 30 years on all handmade leather strap.

Strap material is the very durable and looks vintage. This is the top-line leather material among our shop. Leather material is directly import from Italy and quality is garanteed, with brown color painted on the side of the strap that match with the color of leather material. It just looks too good and can't compare with other shop's strap without the color painted on the side of strap. When you touch on the edge, you will know what I mean. The edge of strap is smooth and won't make you feel any raw material feeling. 

But of course, if you would like to have the raw feeling of the leather material. Let me know and I can custom made for you without additional charge.

If you are not like with the strap material I've posted here. You can just request for the material you're interest to but price may vary since the cost of material will be different. Just send me an email if you interest. 

End product is thick and feel good when you have it on your hand. It's good to put it on with all Panerai watch, looks good and you'll just want to wear it on your wrist everyday.

All hand-made from a 30 year experience craftsman quality is guaranteed.


Below are the description of strap,

Material: All real genuine leather that's from Italy. Metal skull head parts are directly import from Japan

Color: Dark brown color.

Length: 117mm + 75mm

Thickness: 3mm (4mm can be made upon request)

Strap buckle is NOT included.

Items includes: lug end pipe, original elegant package, Serial number, authentic card.

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