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Tapping into a storied history in the world of automobile racing, Apple watch band strap band in Double Tour loop - Black Togo leather materials - for Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 or You can choose any other color ...

We always bring our product up to speed to the market. This time we bring you the new model of Apple watch band in Double Tour Loop with Black Togo leather color in both 38mm AND 40mm. You won't regret if you get this from us..As I believe there’s not much store offer this strap by handmade and you don't have to pay USD1299 but you still can get what Apple offer in USD1299 style of apple watch.

Please pay attention what’s the good quality strap, as you can see, good quality double tour loop watch strap like us will padded the foam at the back of the strap, also, we will use a 2.7mm stitching interval to make the strap looks very detail and elegant. All those cheap watch strap will not do that cause it’s very time consuming and they will use a very wide stitching spacing to make them do the hand stitching lesser. This is the reason why our price is different from other watch strap store.

Watch Strap Size
Since this is the double tour strap, please let me know your wrist size and I’ll make sure to ship you the one to fit your wrist size.

I will suggest most of our customer go for my default length as it fits most of the wrist unless you have really small or big wrist.

If your wrist is not within this range, we can still customize it to fit your wrist size. Please tell us your wrist size and we can make one fit yours.

About the Materials
Leather materials - We use Swift leather materials to make this band.

Leather Color - Black

Stitching Color - Default Black color unless you mentioned in the message you need different stitching color.

Thickness: 2mm Default and cannot change

Apple watch adapter - We come with 8 different color options for the Apple watch adapters (Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Gold, and brushed version).
We offer more choice of watch adapter to other straps store and this is our unique advantage.

Apple watch band buckle - The buckle are premium quality that match with the Apple watch adapter color Made by Stainless Steel 314.

Time to prepare the watch band
Each style of watch band will have different time to get it complete. It usually take 4-6 days to complete. We process the watch band longer than other store here is because we take care of each watch band very carefully and we make coating for the edge of band different from others. Your patience and understanding would be greatly appreciated! Please note that the Apple watch in the photos is not included.

Best gift for Father’s day, Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary or valentine’s day.

We hope you enjoy our product.

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Some of the suggestion for our Apple watch band
Apple Watch Full bund strap / watch cuff band -
Tan color -
Vintage waxed Red -
Black -
Leather craving art (38mm) -

Apple Watch Double cuff band
Elephant Gray -
Bleu Agate -

Special Deal
Vintage Brown -

Other colors
Blue -
Black -
Vintage Style -

Rare Piece
Rare Piece (Blue) -

Happy Shopping!

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