Custom build Men's Watch, Mechanical Watch - Artisane, Diving Watch, Age Vintage Watch with Leather Watch Strap, Gift Ideas


Eternitizzz are now work together with one of the brand - Artisané. Which specialise on making quality and fashion watch in order to sell this to the customers. The special of this watch are as below,

Watch Bezel
We are using the rotatable bezel and allow diver to accurately and safely monitor diving time. We got the options to aged this part to make the watch look vintage.

Watch Dial
The watch dial luminescent display part we use aged process to make it look "Old", at the same time it help to improve the visibility in dark environment so that you still can read the time accurately in the dark environment.

Watch Case
We are using the best Stainless Steel materials to make the case. At the same time, we make this watch case extremely shock resistant and water resistant.

Technical Detail
Watch Case Diameter - 40mm
Watch Bezel - Unidirectional rotatable 60 minutes
Watch Winding Crown - Winding Crown, Screw-down
Watch Crystal - Acrylic Crystal
Movement - TMI MH35
Water resistance - Waterproof to 200 metres

Option to purchase this watch
There are many options to customise this watch

1. You can request to "Aged" the watch parts as below,
A. Watch without Aged - It means the watch will NOT aged and will send you a brand new watch
B. Aged Watch Only - It means we will aged the watch part and the Watch Case. The Watch Part means - Watch Hands, Watch Dial, Watch Hands
C. Watch & Bracelet - It means we will go through the aged process for both Watch AND Stainless Steel Bracelet. It's a complete sets of aged process for the watch.

Please notes that it takes some time for the aging process for the watch component. Since it takes time to make the watch parts look vintage.

Regarding to the watch straps, you can choose the options below when you purchase the straps.
Steel Bracelet - We will come with the watch with Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet ONLY
Leather Bund Straps - We will come with our customize Leather Bund Straps in Black ONLY
Steel & Leather Band - This is a complete sets of watch band combination. We will ship BOTH Stainless Steel Bracelet AND Leather Bund Straps.

Each options will have additional cost to add on the original watch price. You can try to switch around in the option and you will see the price different.

One year warranty an come with nice watch pouch.

All item will ship in EXPRESS to gurarantee the item will arrive safe and in good condition.

Thank you for watching and happy shopping.

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